College/Adult Job Shadows


STEP 1:  Identify the career and facility - click here for the list of available job shadows.

STEP 2:  Please understand you will need the following items to complete the online Job Shadow Application:

STEP 3:  Complete the Job Shadow Application

STEP 4:  Final Reminders

  • It will take a minimum of two weeks for a facility representative to get back to you in regards to your application.

  • If you have to cancel once your shadow has been scheduled, call the facility contact person and let them know you are not able to make your shadow.

  • Adhere to the dress code policy as listed in the information form. Professional dress (no jeans, open toe shoes, etc.) is required.

  • Eat something before you arrive.

  • Enjoy your shadow and thank your professional!

Questions or Concerns?

Contact Brenda Birringer
Northeastern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (NEWAHEC)
(920) 652-0238 or