Is Health Care Right For You?

Each health care field has its own specific demands on your interests, abilities, and education, but there are some qualities that are necessary for all health care professions.

  • Personal Skills: You've got to be a certain kind of person to work well in health care: one who is cooperative, mature, responsible, and accurate; as well as having interest in the field of medicine.
  • Team Player: You may be working one-on-one with a single patient or assisting other health professionals, either way you are still always part of a team. It's important to be able to express yourself and your opinions to others and to be able to take their ideas into consideration. Cooperation is a necessity in all heath careers.
  • Responsible: You need to be mature and responsible in your actions because people depend on you.
  • Goal Centered: Most importantly you must remember the patient's well being is the most important goal.

The field of Health Care offers great versatility in the degree of patient care and job environment. Therefore, it is possible to find a career in Health Care that matches your personal preferences.

  • Patient Involvement:
    • Direct contact with patients at different stages of life, health, illness, and rehabilitation
    • Indirect patient contact
    • No patient contact
  • Job Environment:
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Outpatient facilities
    • Insurance Providers
    • Long term care facilities
    • Schools
    • Industry
    • Office of your own

Before embarking on a health career path, take a few minutes to think about your own abilities, needs, and hopes. For more detailed information check out Which Health Career Fits You?

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