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Job Shadowing Program

What is a Job Shadow?

  • A job shadow is a non hands-on observational experience. You'll spend limited time with a professional in the health care area of interest. Job shadow experiences are normally scheduled for up to 8 hours.

**All High School students must complete a Career Experience before they are eligible to apply for a Job Shadow!**

My mom/dad/relative/neighbor/friend works at an area medical provider/educational institution and they know someone who said I can just job shadow them. Is that ok?

  • No. Due to the number of requests for job shadows, the LSHCA moved to the current model in the spring of 2012. A high school student must attend a Career Experience before they are eligible to apply to do an individual job shadow, it is up to the respective facility to grant an individual job shadow. Certain forms/paperwork needs to be completed, and procedures must be followed.

What if my College/University or Technical school requires me to shadow a professional for longer than 8 hours?

  • Occasionally Colleges/Universities or Technical schools will require additional hours of job shadowing as a prerequisite to apply for their programs. Some examples may be Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physician Assistant. Requirements vary by school.
  • All students required to perform a job shadow longer than 8 hours must complete the College Student/Adult Health Requirement form, and should follow the College/Adult Job Shadow directions. You will also need a school representative to sign and date the application form.

What if I am an adult that would like to complete a job shadow that is less than 8 hours?

  • You will follow College/Adult Job Shadow steps 1 - 6, however you can disregard having a school representative sign the bottom of the application form.

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